Hello  World

We are of  the Cunningham clan, or at least one part of it, an extended family with its roots in the north west of Ireland. The clan has a long association with this area; a group of Cunninghams having left the traditional clan lands in Ayreshire, Scotland a few hundred years ago and  migrated to these parts. Quite close to where I am typing this now are the villages of Newtowncunningham and Manorcunningham where some of  the original migrants settled.  I have heard a story that the migrants were a group of notorious cattle and sheep thieves who were 'persuaded' by their neighbours to leave Ayreshire and move to Ireland where their talents could be put to better use. The truth of the matter is rather less amusing but its a good story and as we have mostly been exemplary (and boring) citizens over the years the story adds a bit of spice to our background. The real story will be found elsewhere in this site.  There are now people with the Cunningham name all over the north of Ireland and beyond but we are one extended family with no other close relatives of the same name.