Robin's Land Rover bit.

Moving down hill through the woods some of the ground was a bit soft in places after recent rain.

A little further down the hill the going was firmer (mostly) but there were some rather nasty tree stumps in the way from old fellings by the forestry workers. I was the passenger in this Discovery when it came to a halt going through an awkward bit. We bailed out for a look but it was difficult to see the problem because of the rough ground so the winch was tried to haul the motor off whatever was holding it.

This did not have the desired effect! The stump was jammed under the chassis and it started to pull out of the ground and roll forward under the car effectively lifting the car off the ground. Oops.

Winching back up the hill by another vehicle behind didn't work either, the problem was eventually solved by winches both fore and aft hauling it sideways off the stump.


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