The City.

Continuing with larger views of the city. This one is taken on the western side of the river from the Creggan Heights, it looks north up the Foyle to the new Foyle Bridge, the spire of St Eugenes Cathedral (RC) is in the centre of the picture.

The second picture on the previous page was taken from the side of the hill on the east bank. Straight down the hill from there is the Craigavon Bridge and this picture was taken from the river side near the rail station. The boat moored in the centre of the river is the 'Lough Bradan', it is used by the Loughs Agency (formerly the Foyle Fisheries Commission) in patrolling the river to control the fishing activity in the area. The Foyle was at one time the largest commercial Salmon fishery in Europe. I doubt if the output is as large now but new fishing activity is developing further downstream with the establishment of the farming of shellfish. Lough Bradan is a lake in the hills to the south of here, its waters help to feed the River Derg which flows down to join the River Mourne which in turn is one of the main tributaries of the Foyle.

The red brick building at the other side of the bridge has since been destroyed by fire. It was in the past Tilly & Henderson's shirt factory, known locally as 'Tilly's'. When built it was regarded as state-of-the-art in factory design and most modern also in its management. It was quoted as an example of modern Capitalist practice by Karl Marx in the writing of Das Capital.


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