The City.

The overview continues with a view from the City walls looking down over the Bogside area towards Creggan. In the foreground below is the Lecky Road, the old gable wall bearing the Free Derry mural can be seen and other murals in the area are also visible from here.

A few minutes walk down the hill and we reach the riverside with views down river. This used to be all commercial quayside with sheds, warehouses and cranes all along the river bank. The port as we knew it is a thing of the past, the trade by sea has almost gone and the relatively few ships that come here now tend to be larger than in times gone by so new wharves have been built downstream at Lisahally where they can dock in deeper water and maneuver more safely. On the extreme left of the picture are the new City Council offices and new developments are springing up where the docklands used to be. Eventually the planners are hoping to have continuous foot and cycle paths alongside the river and extending out to other parts of the city. I hope they get their way!

And this is the view across the river from the same spot. St Columbs Park makes a pleasant sight from anywhere along here.

On the next page are two more pictures taken from here but moving the camera more to the right.


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