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This started out as 'the Picture Gallery' and has developed into a tour of the Irish Northwest with parts being of particular interest to the Cunninghams with connections to the area.. It's a reminder of the area for those that have left it and a glimpse of the scenery for those that have never yet come to visit. I have added my own commentary and I hope that you find that it adds interest to some of the images.

The first part to be developed was a group of pages with views of the City of Derry and area to which was added some items of local interest. Pictures of Donegal became available and with them came an interest in the founding of the villages bearing the family name. The site has slowly developed into what it is now, who knows where it will go in the future.


The Cunningham Settlement

Pages 1 & 2


The City of Londonderry has been divided into three main areas of interest.

1/ The city itself. 2/ The surrounding area. 3/ Street art



County Donegal, the most Northwesterly part of Ireland.

1/ The Inishowen Peninsula and Lough Swilly 2/ North Western parts. 3/ The West,South & inland


Counties Londonderry & Antrim .

The coast.





There are two unconnected areas in addition to the main content. A group of pages about Land Rovers and a miscellaneous section with pictures not of general interest but which may well be welcomed by individuals or which have been hosted here for linking elsewhere.

A new area has been added as the photo collection has grown to such proportions that it is no longer practical to put them up as individual pictures with full commentary. Many do not warrant this level of attention anyway! The new gallery main page is at


All pictures by Robin unless marked otherwise.
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