Street Art.

The following paintings are all from the Nelson Drive estate.

A Memorial to the fallen. The origin of the UVF is pre 1st World War when the Ulster Volunteers formed to fight the impending independence of all Ireland. Such was the level of resistance in the north that when independence finally came about the island was partitioned with the northern counties remaining in the United Kingdom. When war broke out the already formed UVF were taken into the British army, given full training and weaponry and sent to the French battlefields where they served with great distinction. They were disbanded after the war. The modern UVF are a rather less distinguished group as can be seen by the masks they wear. They like to think of themselves as the direct successors hence the theme of this memorial which depicts both eras of UVF history.

Just up the road from this painting is the local shop with a memorial to the original UVF on its side wall containing the names of the French and Belgian battlefields where they saw action. This painting depicts a group of todays volunteers posing with their weapons at the ready, the memorial painting forming the background to this one.


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