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In the 18th and 19th Centuries many people of Ireland left the island for a hoped-for better life in the Americas. The Ulster protestants left in large numbers settling in the new colonies in Virginia and other eastern seaboard areas. These people were mainly of Scots descent as they did not enjoy the same religious freedom as the Protestants of English descent. The established and legally recognised Church of Ireland was based on the English church and the Presbyterians of Scottish descent resented the preference given to those of the English tradition. It is not realised by many that the original Irish Republicans were not Roman Catholics as is the norm today but Presbyterians who saw independence from Britain as the only means of establishing their own freedoms and religious rights.


"From pioneers to presidents"

A quote from the writings of George Washington during the American War of Independence.

Another presidential quote, this time from James Buchanan. The people of this area speak quite openly and sincerely of the value that their heritage has for them.

In recent times the Ulster Scots dialect has been recognised as a form of language in its own right. Closely related to the lowland Scots dialect it is, since the Good Friday Agreement, given official encouragement to prevent its loss from everyday use. Below is a link to the Ulster-Scots Agency, an English language version and Irish version are on further links.


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