Street Art

The following pictures are of murals in the Waterside district of the city, this being the East bank of the River Foyle. The first seven photos were taken in the Bond's St area.

On the corner of Bond's St and Bond's Place. There is no mistaking the loyalties of the people here! Notice the red, white and blue edge of the pavement.

And just just across the road on the wall of the local shop the insignia of the main Loyalist paramilitaries, the UDA (Ulster Defence Association) and the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force). On the left is a reminder to all of the local men imprisoned for their activities. The UFF (Ulster Freedom Fighters) are another smaller group and are often seen as the enforcers for the UDA who do not normally engage in overt violence in their own name.

[The small notice over the door thanks the local people for their consideration in helping to preserve these paintings. Anyone foolish enough to deface them would be well advised to leave town fast!]


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