North Western Parts

There are three main beaches in the area. The main beach at Dunfanaghy is adjacent to the golf course and is Killyhoey Strand. Its a fine walk at any time of day with views of the bay, Horn Head and across to Melmore. Its fine sands and safe waters make it popular with families.

Another view of Killyhoey from nearby looks along the beach from near the crab rocks.

We used to catch edible crabs at low tide but those days are gone since European continental markets were opened to the local fishermen. There are virtually no inshore crabs left and where we would regularly find fifteen to twenty crabs of 8-10 inches across now you are very unlikely to find any at all. At the far end of the beach is the channel into Dunfanaghy bay, at the right time of year there can be good catches of Sea Trout and at all seasons there are Mullet to be netted and Sea Bass to be caught by surfcasting. The bay holds Mackeral, Pollack, Plaice and others while a little further out to sea cod and other deep water species are found.

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