Inishowen & Lough Swilly.

The people of Inishowen would be rightly insulted at being considered anything other than culturally enterprising but some little bits of the past still survive amidst the new bungalows and the shiny tractors. In quiet corners some of the old cottages survive and some of the old ways are still in evidence.

This one near Leenan Bay is so perfect I reckon it is probably a holiday home! Holiday home it may be but pictures taken from the hill above show another interesting scene. The old method of farming, not just in Ireland but far beyond, was by strip farming where long narrow sections were cultivated, often by differing owners. A few patches of the old ways till survive in Donegal to this day and one easily seen example is here at Leenan though the land is no longer used as it used to be as much of it is not cultivated at all and is being used as sheep pasture. The mouth of Lough Swilly is in the background, Fanad headlands are on the other side.


Another view of the strip lands, this was taken on another day when inland was pleasant sunshine but the coast and sea had a thick fog.



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