The City.

Several pictures taken on or around the city walls and gates.

As in the previous picture the row of cannon can be seen overlooking the Guildhall and square. The Guildhall has been completely restored after being badly damaged in a bomb attack at the height of the troubles. One of the bombers now attends the building in his new capacity as a City Councillor! People wonder how we have survived all the years of the troubles. With entertainment like this we just keep laughing through!

The same gateway as above but seen from outside. The stone fortress is a modern built building commemorating the long association of the O'Doherty clan with this area. A fortress was built here by the O'Doherty's around the year 1500 but nothing survives of it today. The modern building houses a museum which has been very well received by local people of both traditions. The history of the area is told and illustrated in a detailed and interesting way and it is well worth a visit. This picture was taken on a quiet Sunday morning. Usually the scene here is bustling with activity and street traders set up their stalls in and around the gate area.

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